Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Body Con and Bandage

Some people feel the "body con" and "bandage" dress craze is played out now. I say BRAVO! *clapping hands* What could be played out about something that sucks you in and displays all the best assets of being a woman? This is my only bandage dress and I pull it out when I want to feel sexy. It's funny how we can adopt the characteristics of our clothes. Dress to kill, and you'll feel an inner self confidence you didn't know existed.

I've offset this look with a gorgeous black and gold necklace that I had the creative notion to where as a headband (clever girl). There is something that I absolutely LOVE about headbands worn around the screams Grecian goddess. I kept with that color story and paired gold and black accessories. Simple, but sky high, Jessie Simpsons carry the sexy all the way to the floor and tone those less-than-toned legs LOL! Lastly, I added a bit of lux with my fur stole (was super excited to pull this piece out the closet again for the winter).
"Body Conscious fosters self confidence."
-- Maya Gatewood

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's Handled! Olivia Pope Inspired Look Book

I am such a huge fan of the tv show Scandal and insanely inspired by Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, whom I also love! Olivia Pope is such a strong, powerful and beautiful Black woman, how could I not be inspired by her style. Quintessential chic, with clean lines, neutral color palette and simple accessories, she is also sophisticated, confident and classic. She doesn't need to turn to gimmicks, tricks or illusions to look stylish. Her clothes are understated but by no means boring; she dresses so her personality can shine through. You look at Olivia Pope and say "Wow! She's good at her job."

Anywho, enough of my love affair with Olivia :-) on to the look book. I have been wanting to do an Olivia Pope inspired look book for the longest but something about this season has really been inspiring my everyday looks, for the office especially and now that it's Fall, fueling my love of coats (click here for my Coat of Arms post). An exciting find is The Scandal Collection by The Limited. Where The Limited has pieces seen in Scandal episodes available for purchase! I mean how perfect is that? Click here for a video from Kerry Washington about the inspiration behind the collection.

I put together three looks (it was hard to choose only three!), that I feel embody the spirit of Olivia and incorporate my own style. By the way I used the same H&M black slacks in each look (similar here), proof of how to extend your wardrobe with basic/classic pieces.

First thing's first! Olivia will ALWAYS have a banging coat or jacket! The color palette is restricted to camel and black, but I've created visual interest with the lines and collar of the coat and zipper detail on the sweater. Olivia enjoys a relaxed fit to her more causal pieces.

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